Inktale Affiliate & Referral Programs

Get rewards by spreading the word about our community

Which program to choose?

Become an affiliate

It’s a great way to make income promoting things you or your audience loves. If you really like a product, an artist's store or a collection, share your custom affiliate link with others who might enjoy it as well and earn whenever someone makes a purchase through the link

Refer friends and artists

As a participant of the referral program you can invite your friends, fellow artists and anyone else via your referral links. You'll make a buck when they register and start uploading art. Put an effort into inviting talented artists, because when those users start making their first sales, that's when you'll receive the maximum income per one referral

Additional info

  • Affiliate links won't work for your own products

  • Your custom links never expire

  • There are no limits to how much money you can make by participating in both programs

  • To be able to withdraw your referral and affiliate earnings, you have to complete your financial info by adding your PayPal account email and submitting a tax form

  • If we suspect any fraudulent actions, we have the right to not pay out your earnings