Become a seller

It doesn't matter if you’re a graphic designer, photographer or an art lover - anyone can make awesome products

Step 1

Upload your artwork from a file or through Instagram and we'll show you what it'll look like on different products.

Step 2

Choose which products to sell, and decide on the price you want to sell at. We'll show you the product's base price, and you set your profit on top of that.

Step 3

When someone buys your product, the profit appears in your balance. Once you collect $25, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

3 reasons to choose Inktale

Why Inktale

You're in control

Set your own end prices and maximize your profit – you won't find a lower base price without sacrificing quality than on Inktale.

Why Inktale

Not an artist? Not a problem

You don’t need years of art experience or Photoshop skills to become a seller. With Inktale, it’s as easy as uploading an Instagram pic.

Why Inktale

We do the editing

You won’t have to resize your image for a million product variants. We do that automatically, and you can tweak it afterwards.

Upload your art

Discover the possibilities - upload your design to see what it'll look like on a product, then choose which ones to make a reality