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4 Ways How to Make Products People Will Love

By Zane Grunska on May 18th, 2018

Selling online is tricky. You can never know for sure if the products you make will earn sales. But it gets easier if you understand what type of items your customers like best. In this article, we’ll share a couple of tips on how to create products with sales potential.

Jump on trends

First and foremost, follow the emerging trends in fashion and design. It will help you determine what colors and types of designs are currently relevant. For instance, 2018 so far has been all about everything fun and playful. That’s why gradients and duotones are among popular design choices. Also, photography and typography designs are vastly used in printed clothing. For your color choices you can refer to the Pantone’s released sets of trending colors. The color of the year is ultraviolet, so that’s something you can include in your this year’s designs.

Design around seasons and holidays

Consider not only color choices, but also themes that suit the season. It’s always safe to pick out pastels for spring, bright tones in summer, deep and muted shades for fall and winter. Nevertheless, it’s okay to experiment with unusual color and design combinations as long as it fits the seasonal vibe.

When making designs, you can also take into consideration any upcoming celebrations. The most widely known major holidays that people shop for are Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. However, there are other popular celebrations you can make designs for. Look up online a celebration calendar to decide on which holidays you want to chime in with your products.

Pay attention to your most liked designs on social media

A clear sign of what customers might like is the engagement on social media posts featuring your artwork. Think of your social media platforms as a way of testing your designs: Analyse your likes and comments to decide which products to display on the homepage of your store and which are worthy of some extra promo.

Make gifts

Heartfelt, funny and personalized gifts are always in demand, so they’re the perfect opportunity to play around and get creative. Whether it’s for parents, siblings, a significant other or a best friend, it’s very common for people to look up gift ideas on marketplaces like Inktale. Most often such gifts feature typography or illustrations that remind them of their loved ones.

The bottom line is, by making products that people are looking for, there’s a good chance to turn your creative efforts into sales. These tips can make your products more marketable, but they still leave a plenty of room for artistic freedom. And one last thing – to make the most out of your product sales, make sure to spread the word about your latest work on social media!

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