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6 Common Social Media Mistakes Artists Should Avoid

By Zane Grunska on June 22nd, 2018

Getting the hang of social media is an ever-changing process as ways of promoting your work on the internet are transforming at a speed that’s hard to fathom. It takes a while to carve a path to your potential clients on social media – it’s a journey you have to navigate by trial and error.

Nevertheless, all artists need to establish a solid fan base to increase chances of loyal fans turning into customers and social media is the place to be to conquer your target audience. With so many communication outlets available on social media, there’s also a lot of room for making mistakes. That’s why we’ve summed up few social media don’ts many artists tend to put into practice.

Posting your every artwork instead of your best

Social media users have to digest so much content on daily basis, you need to make sure whatever you post is worth their while. Post consistently, but don’t do it just for the sake of it.

Seeing the same type of content on the regular may irk your followers, so when you’re deciding on what to post, put your best foot forward and evaluate if it’s going to contribute to the overall feel of your feed. Overposting makes your followers ignorant towards your content. So spread out your posts to make followers miss your content instead of just bearing with it, which results in better engagement.

Not reflecting on your creative process

When scrolling through the endless stream of content on social media platforms, people are looking for inspiration and entertainment. Posting your finished artwork is necessary. But what ultimately helps cement the relationship with your followers is a sense of participation in the creative process.

Instead of just posting once your pieces are all done, incorporate the work-in-progress part of creating as well. It adds more variety and coherency to your feed and it creates a narrative of your creative pursuits while allowing  your followers to get to know you a little better.

Not using Instagram stories

In terms of sustaining a connection with your followers, regular posts are quite limiting. They can convey a great deal of information, but don’t allow that much of an interaction. That’s when Instagram stories come into play. Stories are essential for reminding of yourself without overflooding Instagram users’ feeds. They quite literally allow you to tell a story and make you seem more approachable to your followers.

Get creative with videos, before and after images, shoutouts to your most dedicated followers, polls and so on. Also, ever since Instagram rolled out the feature to add story highlights under your bio, it’s a way to introduce your brand in greater depth to people who land on your profile.

Excluding call to action

Posting visually pleasing content will garner likes, but not necessarily sales. If you want your followers to browse through your store, be sure to say so in your social media posts. Otherwise they might not even think of taking a look at what you’re selling.

However, avoid making it seem too salesy. A rule of thumb is that only 20 percent of your content should be promotional, and the other 80 percent should be dedicated to posts that truly interests and engages your audience.

Mixing art with personal content

Sometimes social media users like seeing the person behind the art, but keep in mind that the main reason they’re following you is the art itself.  That’s why we recommend to avoid posting personal photos on your professional account. If you publish such images, try not to break the overall vibe of your content. In such case your personal photos should be just as inspiring as your art.

Not implementing paid audience boosts

Spreading the word in the saturated universe of social media is hard, but you can get your message across to your audience more efficiently by using paid promotion. Boosting your best performing posts results in a new following and increased engagement that you wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

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