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6 Essential Tips for Creating Better Products

By Zane Grunska on April 24th, 2018

As simple as it may seem to make products on Inktale, paying attention to the details is what sets apart a great product from a passable one. That’s why we took a closer look at Inktale’s best selling artists’ stores and created a list of helpful tips we noticed all our pros are putting into practice.  Let’s get into it!

1. Adjust your designs for each product category separately

Enabling all product categories just for the sake of it won’t increase the amount of sales. The good old quality over quantity is the way to go! Except for geometric patterns that look good on all products, even the most amazing artwork won’t visually translate on all products if you don’t tweak it accordingly. Your products will seem well thought-out and customers will recognize the effort.

Besides, customizing products is quite easy as Inktale allows you to manually edit the layout of your design and upload different print files for each product category.2. Pick your garment colors carefully

Choosing the color for your products is highly subjective, yet there are color combinations that look good together while others don’t. Pay attention to the way your print file colors harmonize with the product color. For instance, orange doesn’t mix well with pink. Look up color wheels if you’d like to find out more about basics of color science. Also, double check if your design can be seen on the product. Dark toned artwork on a black t-shirt is hardly visible, if at all.

The bottom line is, with so many colors available, you need to think twice about your color schemes. On Inktale product previews are generated automatically, so well-chosen garment colors will improve the overall look of your products and store. If you’ve enabled all colors without giving it much thought, the artwork may get misrepresented because of a non-matching hue.3. Make the best out of your all-overs

All-overs are the ultimate canvases for creative expression as they allow to use up the entire space of the fabric. And we know it’s really tempting to cover both sides. Think about why is it necessary. Is it a pattern? Does it cover the front entirely and it feels weird to leave the back blank? Or the opposite – it’s an isolated design and it seems illogical to put the same image on the other side as well. The most important thing is for the product to make sense to your customer. However, more often than not, it looks more effective when both sides are different.

All of these creative choices are up to you! That’s why it’s possible to upload different print files on either side. Experiment with the space all-over clothing provides and see what works for your customers!4. Use transparent backgrounds

Typographical and illustrated artworks look best if they have a transparent background.  Use software that allows you to work with transparency and to save files in .png. save files in .png. If you save them in .jpg, the design will come out with a white background instead of a transparent one.  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator would be among the most popular choices when it comes down to all things graphic design. Such software also has tools for removing the background and all the unnecessary parts of the image.

On the topic of transparency, we suggest to avoid using semi-transparencies in your design to get the best possible print results. Semi-transparencies don’t translate well and result in a blurry effect when printed, so stick to solid colors.5. Pay attention to the resolution

Remember to meet or exceed the minimum file resolution. The optimal image size on Inktale is at least 6300 x 5400 px for achieving the best print result in all product groups. If your design is smaller than our requirements, upscaling it won’t help – it will pixelate the image and ruin the print quality. Unfortunately, in such cases it’s better to recreate your design from scratch using the necessary resolution.Bonus tip: For the ultimate print quality save your images in .png. This file format supports lossless data compression. In comparison .jpg is a lossy format, which means the final image will result in a poorer quality.

6. Take advantage of product subcategories

On Inktale certain product groups are provided with multiple subcategories to ensure a more diverse shopping experience for your customers. In the subcategory section you can upload different print files, which allows you to customize each type of product exactly to your liking. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to use the editing options for each product group, so every item in your store is customized down to every detail.

The t-shirt category allows you to pick men’s, women’s and v-neck tees. The same applies to sweatshirts – in this category you can enable not only sweatshirts, but also hoodies. Keep in mind that each clothing subcategory has different color options.When it comes to accessories, under the totes and bags section you can choose to sell either one or both – drawstring bag and all-over tote. Phone case category has two options listed – iPhone and Samsung cases. It is possible and necessary to adjust the layout placement for every subcategory separately.  

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