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How to Make Your First Sale

By Niks Evalds on June 26th, 2017

Once you’ve uploaded your designs on Inktale, it might be tempting to think that your job’s done. Actually, you’re just getting started. Now it’s time to make sales. Of course, you may simply get lucky and someone might notice your work purely by chance – after all, this is one of the benefits of an online marketplace. People come to Inktale to browse cool print products, and they might happen to find your brand. But why not increase those odds yourself?

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Inktale 101: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

By Niks Evalds on May 10th, 2017

If you’ve already had a good scroll through Inktale and tried your hand at uploading your first artwork, you’ve been part of Inktale’s exciting kickoff! As of today, Inktale has over 1500 users, 9000+ designs, and more than 50,000 products available for purchase.

Our priority is to make your Inktale journey as smooth as possible. So, to make sure everything goes swimmingly (mandatory fish pun), we suggest you keep one eye on your products and artwork, and follow the 4 key points discussed in this blog.

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