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Inktale 101: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

By Niks Evalds on May 10th, 2017

If you’ve already had a good scroll through Inktale and tried your hand at uploading your first artwork, you’ve been part of Inktale’s exciting kickoff! As of today, Inktale has over 1500 users, 9000+ designs, and more than 50,000 products available for purchase.

Our priority is to make your Inktale journey as smooth as possible. So, to make sure everything goes swimmingly (mandatory fish pun), we suggest you keep one eye on your products and artwork, and follow the 4 key points discussed in this blog.

1. When it comes to uploading files:

  • .png works best.
  • Files have to be at least 150 DPI.
  • The minimum image size is 2000 x 2000 px, but for optimal quality on all product categories we strongly recommend uploading at least 6300 x 5400 px files.

2. Inktale’s automatic image scaling process will work better with designs where an exact placement of the graphic isn’t crucial, like patterns and abstracts. Photos, texts and drawings may require some tweaking. You can make these adjustments under Edit artwork -> Edit layout.

3. You can have your designs printed on any of Inktale’s product categories: t-shirts, tank tops, all-over t-shirts, all-over tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases, coffee mugs, throw pillows, tote bags, and wall art.

Just keep in mind what we said earlier about tweaking the image. Though it’s the same image, you might want it to look differently on each product category, or maybe not feature it on some products at all. Think about product color, too: if the design is the same color as the product, you might want to deselect that product color.

A note on all-over products: it depends on the graphic, but patterns and abstracts are preferable here. They’re easier to position and are less likely to look distorted when worn (humans tend to have lumps and bumps!).

4. Inktale provides you with a platform and generates traffic to the marketplace, but your product promo is up to you. In other words, you’ll get some traffic if you’re featured on Inktale’s homepage and email marketing campaigns, or if someone comes across your work by browsing, but these are things to be considered as a bonus, and not your only marketing strategy.

Definitely start with your Inktale titles, artwork descriptions and keywords to make your products as search-friendly as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of the shopper trying to find your awesome design.

Next, work on promoting your Inktale address – depending on the tools at your disposal, spread the word on social media, email, blogs, and other online meeting spots, or take it to the next level with Facebook Ads. Over time we’ll be adding tracking tools such as Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel to help you get a more in-depth look at your results.

If you haven’t had much experience with online marketing, it may seem a bit scary to dive headfirst into things – but have no fear, we’ll be tackling this mammoth of a topic in the blog posts to come. And speaking of future, we’ve got some pretty cool things lined up for you, so when you’re feeling curious, take a gander at our Upcoming Features page.

Now that we’ve got the essentials covered, you should be all set to get your latest Inktale design going! If there’s something on your mind or a question you’d like answered, feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. Pauline (Angelusnoir)

    Loving the ease of uploads…found syncing printful quite complicated, so your shopfront is a godsend!! Know you are just getting started- looking good!??….however Some of my mock-ups that are getting quite a lot of requests, (utilising dresses, skirts & leggings from Printful) are not currently available – How soon do you think these will be added to your current catalogue?
    I have followers on DeviantArt, instagram & Facebook that I am directing here but feel it’s not quite the ride range I was hoping for…great experience though, & I am sure it will be wonderful once the product range is expanded a little more…but really appreciate all your hard risk here- great idea & great execution l! ??

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey Pauline,
      thank you for joining Inktale!

      We’re working on expanding the product catalog, and leggings are the first in our roadmap – we plan to launch them in a month or two. Regarding dresses & skirts – no ETA for now, but we’re definitely exploring these options as well.

    2. Sara Skettini

      You guys should try to make it possible to be able to put your own logo on the merchandise some how like on the tag or something. That’s the only thing this website is missing. I would love to be able to put my logo somewhere so when people see my designs on someone else they know where to get them!

      1. Niks Evalds Post author

        Hey Sara!

        Thank you for the suggestion – I’ll pass this to our product team as a feature request.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey Dan! I see that there 3 designs are visible in your Inktale profile already, but in case there is an issue with something, our team will be glad to help you out. Could you please contact support@inktale.com with more info on this?

  2. Rebecca Anne Grant

    Are there any plans for greeting cards in the future? If so, I will be opening a second store under my greeting card name of “Grant Greetings” when they arrive. So, I really hope they are included in your expansion plans of the future.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey Rebecca,
      thanks for the suggestion! There are no specific plans for this in the nearest future, however, we’ll take this into consideration as a feature request.

  3. shazzed hossain

    I like the way you started.I am from Bangladesh.I find this through prinful.In our community have lot of people who don’t know about inktale.My suggestion is to you that for expanding this brand you can start with affiliate program.I am watching around our community they are working with few company Like Gearlunch,teespring,teezily etc.This company’s are working here widely.I am happy to be a part of inktale.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi! An affiliate program is something we’re already working – it should be launched in the next few months.

  4. Kesha

    Is there a way to determine what product models/brands the artwork is printed on? Particularly for apparel since size charts and women’s vs men/unisex cuts are relevant to customers.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi Kesha! We offer a handpicked selection of Printful’s products to make the process easier for both the artist and the consumer. Specific shirt size charts are visible on the site though.

      If there are some specific questions about the products that you’d like to be answered, I’d encourage you to contact our team via email: support@inktale.com

  5. Kelly Jones

    Really great site for applying art to products. Printful is difficult. I will be interested to see what other products you include soon.
    I like the suggestion of applying the artist own label. It lets the buyer know who created the design. Helps for artist exposure.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Kelly, thanks! Regarding new products – we’ll be starting with adding leggings soon.
      Regarding custom labels – we’ll take this into account as a feature request!

  6. Mathis Stone

    Is there a way to remove an image entirely from the back of a shirt once it has been added and saved? I can not figure out a way to remove a picture from the back of a shirt; only replace it, after it has been saved. Thank you, and I am loving the idea of this website. I am going to keep uploading my Polaroids as designs!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey Mathis,

      currently it’s not possible to remove the back print once it has been enabled – but there definitely should be, we’ll work on adding this functionality soon!

  7. corrado amenta

    just signed up and love it so far. one question, am confused about how printful ties into all of this. i’ve used them before along with shopify but not sure why i would connect you guys with them… seems like you offer the same thing they do…

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi! We’re partnering up with Printful to fulfill all the orders – so all orders made on Inktale go through them. If you are a Printful user, you can enable the Inktale integration that makes pushing designs in batches from your Printful file library to Inktale easier. However, you can use Inktale without a Printful account as well.

      The main difference between us and Printful is – with Printful, you have to set up your own ecommerce platform too and perhaps even host your own site (like with WooCommerce). Inktale acts as a standalone marketplace platform, where you can simply upload your designs, choose the profit margin, and we take care of all the rest – the payments, order processing etc. Basically, it is a much more simpler, hands-off experience for artists.

      In case you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via email: support@inktale.com

  8. Lilly

    Since Inktale is about promoting designer’s art on products, is it possible that there will be stickers or notebooks, and etc in the near future? I know that Printful does not have that option yet, but I am wondering since another website like Teespring have that option. I am suggesting this option because I want my designs to attract young audience.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi Lilly!

      As Printful currently is our only fulfillment partner (this approach allows us to provide better quality and service consistency across our products), we currently have plans to expand the product line into categories that are not available on Printful. So unfortunately stickers and notebooks are not in our development roadmap – at least for now. We’ll take this into account as a feature request though – thanks!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi there! We have no immediate plans for this product category, but we’ll take this into account as a feature request – thanks!

  9. Robert

    Please please add some hoodies!! Its the most requested product by many people… Im sure not just for me!! Besides that, everything is great!! Keep it up guys!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey Robert, thanks for the feature request! We definitely have plans to add hoodies to our product selection in the following months.

  10. Erma L George

    I’m just curious as to why your designs have to be visible to the visitors to your page.I have logged on to my store and all I see are the designs, if I scroll down then I can see the the products that I have designed, tell me is there something that I have done wrong?

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi! We’re working on a solution that will allow you to customize your profile more – for example, you’ll be able to choose whether to show-off your designs there, or stick to promoting only products.

  11. Minds Gallery

    How come it’s taking so long to get the social media buttons added to the products and shop? Shouldnt it be introduced by now? Self promotion would be much easier if this was available.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi there! Social media sharing tools are now added to open product and artwork views – look for the Share product/artwork buttons in the top right corner of the site!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey, thanks for the kind words! Regarding your request – unfortunately, this is not in our roadmap for the nearest future, but we’ll take your request into account when planning additions to our product line!

  12. Allen

    Great website, just joined! Thanks for the post. A few suggestions . . . would be awesome to have categories for artists, also a way to save pricing that can be assigned to other/new products! Thank you!

  13. Zia Bellaz


    Inktale provides a seamless process: easy to upload designs & images; ease of assigning price with suggestions — know your profit potential upfront; offers a variety of products — enough for me; and quick, fast online storefront ready for sales in 5-10 minutes!
    Inktale also provides a website address and analytics for your items.
    I found Inktale byway of Printful — one of its’ suggested e-commerce platform connections.
    I knew I loved Printful’s products (quality) and customer service reviews.
    I was so glad to find out Printful is Inktale’s order supplier.

    What more could one ask for?

    Thank you Inktale! 🙂 🙂

    Zia Bellaz

  14. Karen Farr

    I’ve just found inktale and am excited to join. I am curious about the artist email/web address on the sign-up page. Am I expected to link this to a blog or webpage, or do you generate a web address for each artist that signs up? Thanks for a great product. I am looking forward to begin!

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi Karen! In the email field, you must provide an email address we can reach you at. The Inktale address field is your chosen username that your artist profile will be accessible from, so simply put anything you’d like there.

      If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via email and our team will be glad to help you!

  15. Edith Mak

    Hi, I’m so excited to have found Inktale via Printful. I’d love to sign on and give Inktale a try but I’m a bit confused with the Affiliate Program requirements. It says that we need to provide a tax registration but as I’m based in Hong Kong and doesn’t have a USA tax account, am I able to join the program?

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hi Edith!

      Yes, you can join our Affiliate Program from Hong Kong. What must be provided, is documentation confirming your tax payer status in your country (whether it’s USA or not).

      In case of any additional questions, please don’t hesistate to reach out to our team via support@inktale.com.

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