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Introducing: Family & Friends Discount Code

By Niks Evalds on August 16th, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered how to order sample products with your own designs on Inktale, we have some exciting news for you: we’ve developed two new features allowing you (and your friends) to do that with ease.

Firstly, when browsing your own products, you’ll now have the chance to buy them at base price. Other viewers will still see the full price with the profit margin you’ve chosen.

Buy your own products at base price

Secondly, you can now share a special discount code with your closest entourage of family and friends. The code will let them purchase your designs at base price as well. You can enable this code in the newly added My Account -> Discount codes section. Each artist has a unique code.

Family & Friends Discount Code

Let us know your thoughts on these new features – feel free to leave a comment below! With any questions or feature requests you can also contact us via email – support@inktale.com.

  1. Breion J

    I love the discount code for friends and family but I’d also like to option of taking off a percentage instead of just the base price. That way I could still make a profit while allowing them to purchase the product for less. So, for instance, there’d be a base price option AND a set 20% off option, or something of that sort.

    1. Niks Evalds Post author

      Hey, thanks for the suggestion! We are currently planning additions to the discount code system, so we’ll take this into account!

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