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The InkCredibles: Week of September 24, 2018

By Zane Grunska on September 27th, 2018

The InkCredibles is a weekly selection of top-notch designs made by our artists. These pieces of art have totally blown us out of the water! So take a dip in this week’s batch of designs featuring the following artists – Nalina Pujari, Velocity Art, Sundara Dreams, Maro Dek and Shawlin.

If you’re really into this week’s art inspo, get more up close and personal with the artists’ work by exploring their stores! And don’t forget to cheer on your faves and put the word out on social media!

Feel free to share other designs that have caught your eye in the comments below!

Abstract Splashed Watercolor 01
by Nalina Pujari

Cool Saber Toothed Cat
by Velocity Art

Hat Lady
by Sundara Dreams

Messenger Bottle
by Maro Dek

Seamless Pastel Stripes Pattern
by Shawlin

Look at the awesome products from the featured artists’ stores!

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