Selling musician and band merchandise has never been simpler

Inktale provides a platform where any singer-songwriter and band can create an online merch store for their fanbase easily. Sign up and start making customizable t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and a bunch of other cool stuff right away

Upload your art

Discover the possibilities - upload your design to see what it'll look like on a product, then choose which ones to turn into reality

Benefits of selling on Inktale

No monthly fees, our services are free

Reach your fans anywhere – we ship worldwide

Make your merchandise online, no inventory necessary

Create a merch store with a variety of products in just few clicks

No need to deal with customers as we handle customer support

Order sample products at the base price

Make as much as you'd like to for every item from your merch line

Tell the listeners about your merch store by sharing a link on your social media profiles

How to start?

Step 1

Upload your artwork from a file or through Instagram and we'll show you what it'll look like on different products

Step 1

Step 2

Choose which products to sell, and decide on the price you want to sell at. We'll show you the product's base price, and you set your profit on top of that

Step 2

Step 3

When someone buys your product, the profit appears in your balance. Once you collect $25, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal

Step 3