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Customer reviews

Love the Design!
Reviewed by Meredith Esparza on Jan 5, 8:26pm
Jane Austen mugs are my favorite. Very happy with the quality of mug and the size options!
Decent mug
Reviewed by Jon on Aug 28, 12:50am
The coffee mug is a good sized mug but the presidential seal is way too small.
Delightful Design
Reviewed by Craig T. on Jun 24, 9:54pm
I found it very easy to order. The order process notifications were timely. The order shipped in a timely manner. The Sadie & Pierre cups arrived today. Perfect size. The design is clearly printed. The cups were carefully packed and sealed
I love this design. It is simple, sweet, innocent and playful at the same time. The artist demonstrates a loving appreciation for nature. Thank you for such an uplifting morning reminder that Time and Life are precious.
great art work
Reviewed by Terry Hackbart on Mar 2, 7:27pm
Great art work and good product quality. I will look for more or Harry Martin's art work.
Very Creative
Reviewed by Nicole F on Jan 28, 2:02pm
I love the color and the sign on the mug. I can't wait to buy another one. Very easy to order and very nice quality
I LOVE this artist work.
I love the Women of PROG design!
Reviewed by Renee Mantkowski on Jul 27, 6:19pm
But be careful what you order it on. I thought I would be so thrilled to carry the mug around the office. But the logo is really way too small. All you can read on it is PROG. If you let someone else handle it, and hold it close, they can make out the "Women of". It really takes glasses or a magnifying glass to make out the rest. The really disappointing past is that it definitely is not a problem with the design. It is a great design! But there is PLENTY of room to print it BIGGER so it could be more easily read. Apparently, it was a choice not to. I ordered the mug, the tote, and the towel a week ago. The mug arrived today. I am sure the tote and towel will look better. I hope they arrive in time for me to show them off at a pool party I am going to next weekend.
Love the artwork
Reviewed by Dennese on May 29, 8:54pm
Pleased with the quality of the mug and delighted with the artists work!
Reviewed by Chris Conrad on Nov 11, 12:56am
The colors are so vibrant. Beautiful.
The Miss Wanda Report coffee mugs
Reviewed by Mister B. on Sep 27, 5:58pm
We're very pleased with our cups!
Great color and clarity on the image.
Both the 11oz. and 15 oz. cups are thick and solid.
Thanks Inktale!
Good Job!
Reviewed by creativeart on Sep 23, 2:24am
Recommended very creative
Reviewed by Lashawn S Butler on Sep 6, 10:06am

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