All-over printing

There’s no better printing method than sublimation to bring vivid colors and photorealistic designs to life! While our cutting-edge process delivers spectacular results, there are some guidelines we want to make sure you’re aware of:


During sublimation, your garment will be sandwiched between sheets of paper loaded with special ink, then heat-pressed to set and cure the design. Because of this process, exact placement is not possible. For example, a design featuring a badge over the heart is not recommended, because the badge might be placed perfectly on one shirt, then shifted on another.

White streaks

Because it’s never possible to press a pre-fabricated garment completely flat, there will always be certain areas our inks don’t reach during the sublimation process. These areas will remain white, the original color of the garment. This most commonly occurs under the armpits and around the shoulders of shirts.

allover-print-help-1.png allover-print-help-2.png
allover-print-help-3.png allover-print-help-4.png

There is no way to avoid this when using a completely all-over design with a solid color background, but you can always minimize the effect by using a pattern design with a white or transparent background, or having a design fade to white around the armpits and shoulders.

allover-print-help-5.png allover-print-help-6.png