Upcoming Features

We're committed to constantly improving your Inktale experience and growing together with our artists and customers. Here's a sneak peek of our development roadmap – these are the things we're currently working on.

New products

We're planning to expand our product selection in the upcoming months. So keep your eyes peeled for new additions: the first in line are capri leggings, drawstring bags and Samsung phone cases. Custom embroidered hats are in the pipeline as well!

Affiliate program

Soon you'll be able to earn commission for sales made on Inktale from your referral – even if you're not a designer!

New collections

We've recently introduced Collections, allowing users to browse themed products more easily. The list of Collections available will be continuously updated in the nearest future.

Customized artist profiles

As we encourage our artists to promote their Inktale profiles, we're working on some features that'll allow more extensive customization.

Store improvements

We're testing out several ideas that will help customers find that stunning one-of-a-kind product easier. Advanced filters, themes, and keywords – that's all coming in the near future.

Instagram integration

We believe that turning your designs into products doesn't have to be hard. In fact, we want the process to be as simple as picking photos from your Instagram uploads. Choose your favorites, and start selling in just a few clicks!

Amazon Payments

In order to make the checkout process even more seamless, we're developing a way to pay with Amazon.